NEW! Waffle Weave Towels 20″ X 30″

These beautiful towels are perfect for Swedish weaving & huck embroidery loop stitch designs such as the one shown in the photo! The towels are 20″ X 30″ and are hemmed on all four sides. The label says they are a cotton poly blend, but since there is about four inches of shrinkage when washed and dried, my guess is they are most likely, 100% cotton.

When stitching the design rows, you can run the thread right through the finished hem. Then after design is finished, run a machine stitch up and down multiple times over the machine stitch already in place, using matching thread. Tug on the design threads to ensure they are secure, then you can trim the threads and “hide” them in the side hem. Perle cotton #5 works really well with the size of the floats on these towels. $4.00

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NEW! Monks Cloth Afghans

These gorgeous afghans are pre-finished, meaning all four sides are already finished, no serging required. They are perfect for Swedish weaving and huck embroidery. Afghans are 51″ X 67″, 100% cotton and come in natural. They have the same look and feel of traditional monks cloth, with one significant difference, there is very little shrinkage when they are washed and dried. $29.00


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Original Wide Selvage Huck Toweling

Temporarily Out of Stock

This is the original huck toweling with the wide selvage! The huck toweling like this we used to get was discontinued about 3 – 4 years ago. Fortunately, we were recently able to find another source and are happy to, once again, carry this fabric.

Toweling measures 16″ selvage to selvage. It is sold by the yard. $5.50/yard

Please note: shipping can sometimes be difficult to determine with fabric, so I always refund any shipping overages of $1.00 or more.

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New Huck Toweling

NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Fabric is unhemmed on the sides, and is just over 18 inches wide. The floats are slightly bigger, with 6 floats per inch, roughly equivalent to 12 count aida. This makes it easier to see and also easier for the needle and thread to slide through.

It is sold by the yard, so when placing your order, simply indicate the number of yards you would like. FYI, two yards makes three towels when towels are cut 24″ in length; this might be helpful information to keep in mind when ordering. Fabric is sold by the yard. $4.50/yard

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